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Become an instrument rated commercial pilot with our Signature Programme, or join our flexible flexible pilot license products by Flight One School of Aviation (RTO 31285).


Study Engineering

Whether through apprentice training or corporate RPL Flight One School of Engineering (RTO 45165) offers engineering training options to suit your career.


Two Schools, One Purpose:
Aviation Training Excellence.

Tisdall Aviation Group’s philosophy underpins its commitment to excellence in aviation education and safety. At the heart of this philosophy are its two premier aviation colleges, Flight One School of Engineering and Flight One School of Aviation, each dedicated to specific aspects of the aviation industry.

Tisdall Aviation Group

Leading the way in Australian aviation training with the capacity to immerse trainees in an authentic aviation context within the group including registered aviation entities, covering maintenance, training, charter & FBO services.


Australia’s Leader
in Pilot Training

Fleet, Scale & Excellence

Flight One School of Aviation takes its commitment to safety a step further by training the next generation of commercial pilots. Here, safety isn’t just a slogan; it’s an ethos ingrained in every aspect of pilot training. The program is meticulously designed to produce pilots who are not only skilled but also safety-conscious.

Comprehensive Coverage

This approach optimizes training for both airlines and general aviation, as graduates of Flight One are well-prepared to meet the exacting standards of the airline industry while maintaining the highest levels of safety. This dual focus ensures that the aviation community benefits from a steady stream of competent, safety-minded pilots who are ready to contribute to the growth and advancement of aviation, making the skies safer for everyone. Tisdall Aviation Group’s philosophy, embodied by these two colleges, is a testament to its unwavering dedication to the principles of safety, excellence, and professionalism in the aviation industry.

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Aircraft Engineer Corporate Training

Engineering Excellence

Flight One School of Engineering is at the forefront of aircraft engineer apprentice training, emphasising the highest standards of safety and precision in aircraft maintenance. The School delivers a combination of apprentice training, and workforce RPL for CASA Licencing outcomes.

This training program instills in its students core values of meticulousness and attention to detail, essential qualities for ensuring airworthiness. The motto “safety first, safety always” serves as our guiding principle, reminding students and staff alike that safety is a non-negotiable priority in every facet of aviation, from maintenance to flight operations.

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